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Organize your team and increase profits

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Don’t lose money with a project

ever again

COR intelligently predicts your projects´ profitability by automating workflows, costs and budgets. Combine project management, process automation,  team collaboration and profitability metrics on a single platform.

A solution for each service business


Above being the friendliest project management tool for task management, time tracking and team collaboration, COR helps project managers keep their work accountable and take your company to the next level.

  • Clients, Projects and Tasks Management Dashboard
  • Project’s and client’s real time Performance & Profitability
  • Time Tracking, Expenses and Job Costing
  • Gantt Charts and Detailed Reporting

Team Collaboration

Working with a distributed team, in the same office or with freelancers should mean the same. COR brings all the data and people you need together so you can move your work forward and keep everyone motivated.

  • Messages, Files, Passwords and Milestones
  • Tasks, Deadlines, Priorities
  • Private Tasks and Projects
  • User Permissions


One of the biggest challenges professional services businesses deal with is being dependent of just a few of their staff members` knowledge; meaning people-dependent. COR makes your company process-oriented and thereby able to rapidly scale your sales and deliveries.

  • Project Templates
  • Tasks Wiki
  • Estimated time for task accomplishment

All-in-One Platform for project-based companies

Stop using and paying for different tools. Thousands of users of task management platforms are transitioning to COR seeking for a friendly tool that also provides profitability indicators. In addition, find worthwhile KPI’s plus all the features you need to run your business, from proposal sending to invoicing.

Growing companies trust COR

Thanks to COR, we gain the power of visibility! No doubt, this is a WOW Company

Agustín Berro, General Director “diPaola”

After COR’s implementation, Balloon Group was named the fastest growing company in its industry.

“Real time visualization and increased efficiency among functional teams can only result in increased profits at agencies like ours. COR is what service-based companies have been looking for”

David Read, Director | Co-Founder “CPR Interactive”

COR is bringing efficiency to an area where time administration is one of the most value resourses.

Gail Yui, Co-Founder “The Engineer and the Designer”