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We are a passionate entrepreneurial team, guided by our values ​​and focused on our mission and vision. We think big, take risks and are extremely persevering.


Reinvent the way creative and professional service companies are managed.


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  • Santiago Bibiloni
    Santiago Bibiloni CEO
  • Martín Minces
    Martín Minces CPO
  • José Gettas
    José Gettas CFO
  • Gabriel Marin
    Gabriel Marin CTO
  • Oradys Ortega
    Oradys Ortega DEVELOPMENT
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    Daniel Guzman DEVELOPMENT
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    Carlos Molero DEVELOPMENT
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    José Miguel Tovar DEVELOPMENT
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    Geraldine Castillo
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  • Jorge Tabeni
  • Antonela Fernandez Grippo
    Antonela Fernandez Grippo COMMUNITY MANAGER
  • Martín De Foronda
    Martín De Foronda ACCOUNT MANAGER
  • Walter Rebollo
  • Roger Hernández
    Roger Hernández SALES DEVELOPMENT
  • Marcelo Mazzola
    Marcelo Mazzola SALES DEVELOPMENT
  • Jesús Mantilla
    Jesús Mantilla SALES DEVELOPMENT


  • Marcos Galperín
    Marcos Galperín INVESTOR
    Mercado Libre
  • Enrique Duhau
    Enrique Duhau INVESTOR
    Singularity University, Satellogic, Nubimetrics
  • Fermín Gutiérrez
    Fermín Gutiérrez INVESTOR
    LD Holding
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      500 Startups INVESTOR
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      B4 Capital INVESTOR
      • Iván Markman
        Iván Markman INVESTOR
        comScore, CreatorIQ

      The Gap between Salesforce and The Excel – “A Salesforce for SMEs”

      A story for Agencies, Consultants, Software Factories and every other professional service firm.

      Shortly after founding Balloon Group we start having great results. We put the company at the top of the Digital Marketing Argentinian industry, helping over 400 companies in 12 countries to launch their products and grow fast.

      Like any service company, Balloon Group sends budgets, manage projects and then charge for it. We started replacing the Excel with management tools such as Zendesk or Soho to have better relationships with our customers; Asana, Trello and Basecamp to manage projects; Xero and Quickbooks to carry out accounting.

      We believed to be more organized, but Balloon Group grew and we realized that using so many tools was generating some communication problems. We looked everywhere to find something that could really simplify our life … or at least our work. We start worrying… and to deal with.

      We had two choices: keeping things like that or start using Salesforce or Oracle, whose implementations cost millions and take more than half a year. We spoke with many agencies, software factories, consultants, design studios, accounting and law firms. We validate that we all had the same problem… and now, we had a big opportunity, we were on something big.

      We focused on launching the first cloud tool that allows small and medium professional services firms to manage budgets, projects and invoices in an integrated way; We needed this product to be simple, safe and easy to use so it doesn´t require any training or implementation process; it must be always online, so you can all work in sync anywhere and anytime.

      With this vision, we developed COR. We integrate all, we add cross metrics between users, customers and services offered and a view for customers who use the tool to see the progress of the contracted services. Every day, we collect feedback from its users and improve the tool based on their opinions.

      Today, four months ago from COR launch, we are achieving our first goal: more than 100 people sign up every day to replace their CRM, ERP Project Management tools by one that integrates them all. 24 hours after registration, they have already sent budgets and assigned tasks to their team members.

      What’s more, they did it without training or implementation costs because we allow everyone to start trying it for free, without putting a single credit card number.
      A new solution arrived. You can stop looking.

      COR – Simplify your job.

      Santiago Bibiloni
      COR Co-Founder and CEO

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