Agencies (Advertising, Studios,
Production, PR)

Have visibility into every
project performance
and status

94% of companies focusing on project-based services don’t have real time knowledge of their project’s profitability. COR empowers project managers with tools that not only will keep 

your company from losing profit in a project, it will help them strategically grow their revenue up to 42%. See which project has better profits and take your business to the next level.


Caso de éxito

Balloon Group, agencia de marketing digital, fue nombrada como la empresa argentina de mayor crecimiento en su industria y COR fue un gran pilar en este camino.

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Record each task’s
worked hours

Every COR user can load the amount of worked time in an assigned task. The tool multiplies every user hour cost by the worked time and shows you the real project work costs. Also you can add extra cost or expenses.

As your team work, the costs are automatically subtracted from the project budget so you can see the real-time project profitability.

Project Templates

Does the knowledge to execute a task is only in the mind of some members of your team or is stored and available to standardize your projects workflow?

COR uses Project Templates: you can create and customize templates
for your common projects. You can put together a task list, assign time,

equipment and estimated budget and a variety of other options.

Assign these Project Templates quickly to save time, instead of creating the same project over and over again. And above all, automate processes: no one will use random methods to do a specific task. Check your seatbelts, it’s time to scale up your business!

Manage your projects
and tasks in real time

Keep the entire team informed about their tasks, priorities and deadlines. Automatically notify everyone about last-minute changes. Organize information and files, achieving a fluid communication with each exchange record.

Workflow between
proposals, projects
and invoices

Budget a project and automatically generate the workflow after approval. Once finished, send the invoice and register the payment from COR.

Get all interactions balance and identify optimization opportunities for your business.


COR is the friendliest project management tool for task management not only by its own features, but also because it is integrated with the tools you already use.

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