The best Project Management Tools

Project Management Tools

What are them for? How they differ and what is the focus of each one?

Project Management tools came to solve some of the management problems faced by businesses today: ability to manage tasks, assign roles within a team, and profitability metrics, among other things. We know that all of them have one main objective: make work more efficient, by organizing companies and  making them more profitable.

Know the differences: COR vs. Asana vs. Trello vs. BaseCamp

Projects and Tasks organizationYes, by projects, tasks, and subtasks.Organized by boards and cards.Yes, by projects, tasks, and subtasks.Yes, by projects and tasks.
Work progress barYesYesYes             No
Suggested / estimated time for each taskNoNoSiNo
Counter of hours spent on each taskNoNoSiNo
Notifications and tasks statusYesYesYesYes
Sending estimatesNoNoYesNo
Performance and profitability estimationNoNoYesNo
Cross metrics on sales, eficiency and  accountingNo (only Project Management metrics)NoYesNo
Workflow generation on approved budgetsNoNoYesNo
Project’s ROINoNoYesNo
Internal ChatMessages on tasksMessages on tasksMessages on tasksYes
File stockNo (integrated with Dropbox and Drive)No (integrated with Dropbox and Drive)YesYes (integrated with Dropbox and Drive)
Default tasksNoNoYes (by projects)No
Password storingNoNoYesNo
Search EngineNoYesYesYes
Free trialFree for teams of up to 15 people.Freemium: free version without expiration date, with basic  features.Free Trial: one free month trial, no credit card needed.Freemium: free versión without expiration date, with basic  features.


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