1. Users and permissions

You can assign different levels of access to information for each member of your team.

2. Clients

If you start using COR already having active clients, you can upload them manually or import them massively through an excel file. You can also upload your potential customers and assign to each one of them a status (tracking, lost, etc.) or other labels. Send estimates and, as they are approved, you client´s status will automatically change to “Active Clients”.

3. Estimates

You probably work in one of the following two ways, or both: sending budgets for each new project or with already aproved fixed budgets (fees), which includes all the work to be performed.

If you have to send a budget, we recommend to load first the services offered, so that then when you create a budget you just have to click on them to send them to your clients. Before sending them, you can edit everything you need, and even attach files and send yourself a copy.

If you start using COR having already approved budgets, then just create a project and upload the amount approved. That amount will then be usefull to know the profitability of your work.

4. Effective communication

Centralize your projects management in only one place. Avoid confusions by allowing each person to have their own board of tasks, where it is clear what to do, when and how; the estimated time, the dead line and access data or passwords if needed. 

If their access levels to information allow them, they will even be able to see the budget to carry out project.

You can also report the time it took to execute each task, send messages to each team member, attach files and establish decisions. The decisions serve as a summary of the messages so that is not necessary to read and analyze all the conversation you had so long ago to reach an agreement.

5. Flexible Work Team

If you found this interesting, there is something even better: if a member leaves a project, his tasks can be easily and quickly re-assigned to another member.

Conversely, if a new member joins the project, all the previously shared information will already be available for him (files, comments, decisions, and more), so he will be able to get to work instantly, without having to explain what was done and why the conclusions where reached. From now on, if someone on your team is no longer there, what he did and said is no longer a mistery.

All your team organized, managing the projects efficiently.

6. Live and let live

You are surely interested on knowing how the projects of your team are being developed and COR allows you to do so, without having to be asking the status of the tasks. Check the progress of the projects whenever you want, even at night, weekend or on holidays… and the best part: without disturbing anyone. You can also authorize your client to have access to certain views, so that your team avoids waisting time telling by mail or phone the progress of their work. Do this and you will gain the appreciation and respect of all your clients.

7. To measure your exact costs and profitability is now possible

If you want to know the profitability or costs of each project in which your team works, you can assign the value of an hour to each employee /member so that when he charges the hours spent on each task (or “play” the task), COR shows you how much time and money that job took. And if there was another type of cost, you can also compute them. Finally, if that project had a assigned budget, you will be able to see its profitability.

8. Clinc! Caja

Once finished the project, create the tasks Bill and Collect and assign them to responsible of doing them. Invoices are created against projects and collections against invoices. You will be able to attach the real invoice as a file. 

9. Sell more?

COR is an excellent tool for cross and up selling, because you can filter your list of clients by state (tracking, active, customer loyalty, etc) or other labels and synchronize the data base with Mailchimp to do Email Marketing, with promotions, news and more in a matter of minutes.

10. Business Intelligence

As you load data, COR will show you metrics and statistics about your organization.

Now you can know how long it takes to your contacts to become into clients; to your customers to pay; to your team to carry out different types of projects; the profitability of your clients and each thing you do for them; how many hours of work budgeted and / or sold vs. how many hours available does your team have. You will be happy to have properly projected your team growth.


As we know that your information probably is highly confidential, we work with Amazon servers, located in the United States, that currently are the safest and more powerful in the world.

Also, each password is encrypted so that no one but you can access your data.