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Although it’s been proved that working from home can be more productive, some people tend to find difficulties when trying to focus.

This is why we want to share some advice that will make your home office more effective.

Set your schedule

It’s highly important to establish the number of hours you will work so as to be organized during the day. Being at home can sometimes turn against you if you are not able to establish a routine, since staying at home can make you encounter many distractions. We suggest you set your schedule for waking up as if you had to go to the office, get out of your pajamas, have breakfast and start working.

Plan tasks

The fact of preparing a timeline will turn your hours more effective. The best you can do is setting a series of goals or tasks to be reached / done each day, and order them based on the level of priority. Thus, you’ll establish a work route which will help you make progress in an orderly way.
Implementing Project Management systems is also very useful. This will help you with the organization and monitoring of tasks. Besides, you’ll be able to charge your working hours and keep good communication with your team.

Delimit your work area

As already mentioned, working from home can be counter-productive for some people because we find ourselves in an environment which constantly gives rise to distractions. We suggest generating an area specifically designed for working, where you find yourself comfortable, relaxed and away from any kind of distraction.


Breaks are essential, they help you clear your mind and this improves your concentration later on. We suggest you take several breaks during the day. When you notice your mind needs air, you’ll know it’s time for a break. You can walk, eat something… there are lots of possibilities – this is one of the advantages of home office.

Be aware of your way of working

The most important detail to have in mind when doing home office is being aware of the way in which you work better. Some people need frequent breaks in order to attain good performance. Others obtain better results without interruptions.

The best benefit to take advantage of when working from home is the freedom it poses for working in the way that is more effective to you. Make the most of it!


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