Apps, companies’ new allies


Over the last years, Internet has allowed many small companies to have access to resources which only big companies could use.

Today, these tools are the opportunity to reach diverse markets; they make management easier and they imply a much bigger growth. Within these tools, we can find web applications.

But, what are web applications?

These apps are online programs, which means that their users can gain access through the internet.

So, which are the differences with traditional software?

Differences and advantages regarding traditional software are diverse, and these are which propel the use of apps as a tendency among modern companies. We herein state some of the reasons.

Easy access

Online apps are characterized by the fact that they can be easily accessed from any device (computers, mobile phones, tablets). Hence, they get past the need of using different versions based on the different operating systems and/or the need of depending on a computer for gaining access to the platform.

Up-to-date updates

Every update is immediately applied on the platform, without having to carry out tedious setups nor updates.
Less Hardware requirements
Apps are distinguished by the low need of resources. Hence, it is possible to access an app from diverse devices and they do not compel the user to make a big investment on equipment.

Data storage in cloud

All details and information uploaded to these apps are stored in the cloud, with no need of making back-up copies on the devices, and allowing the access to said data at any time and place.

Low cost

These type of platforms are characterized by their accessible prices. Besides, they reduce maintenance costs due to the fact of needing neither updates nor technical knowledge for their maintenance.
This is why apps are becoming the tool which will allow small and medium-sized businesses to reach their highest potential and get to the next level.


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