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Manage your projects
and have a real-time
performance view

Developing a large project and maintaining organization during the project’s duration is no easy thing to do. A large tasks network can be difficult to manage, especially when carrying

several projects at the same time. COR simplifies administration and streamlines your company´s management, providing all the necessary tools to keep balance within your work team.


Caso de éxito

Balloon Group, agencia de marketing digital, fue nombrada como la empresa argentina de mayor crecimiento en su industria y COR fue un gran pilar en este camino.

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Obtain each project performance
and earnings

COR allows you to learn each project´s performance and profits in real time. You no longer need to use data sheets to upload team worked hours, nor documents to store project costs or expenses.

Automate the hours count with COR, record project expenses and automatically contrast them with the budget in order to see your profitability in real time.
Take hard data-based decisions and improve your studio.

Create project templates
and automate processes

With Project Templates, you can now create a predetermined tasks system speeding up the creation of the same ones, in case of projects that you work on frequently.
Assign a project template to a client and COR will assign the tasks automatically to your entire work team.
Has it been difficult to delegate so far? The process and methodology of project execution will no longer be attached to the knowledge of whoever is in charge. Hold on to your seat, we’re ready to take off!

Manage all task
and anytime

Assign users to your projects and tasks, determine priorities, deadlines, add descriptions, exchange messages and files, record important decisions, save passwords and more.
From now on, view each task’s status from anywhere and at any time, without having to check or pressure the members of your team.

managing, collecting

COR gives you a dynamic workflow in an integrated way. Budget your projects, manage them and then invoice them, all from the same platform.


COR is the friendliest Project Management tool not only for its unique features, but also because it is integrated with your current business tools.