The Integration of Processes and Solutions

The Integration of Processes and Solutions

What are we talking about in this article?

Grupo Punto is a large communication and technology company with over 57 years of experience in the market, prominent for developing creative solutions for the different challenges of every organization. At COR we are proud to provide the support to keep processes agile, accurate, and effective. “The agency has always been a pioneer in the use of technology to organize workflows. However, it lacked a comprehensive tool that could centralize all areas, a tool that constitutes a transversal and integrated response,” states Bruno Petcho, Director of Ogilvy and Geometry Uruguay, about COR.

What has been achieved with COR?

  • Greater visibility of flows and processes.
  • Centralizing the areas of creativity, media, administration, accounts, and production.
  • Supporting management when making decisions.
  • Simplifying communication in the face of a work methodology that varies between remote and in-office.
  • Traceability of the agency’s performance.
  • An integrated response to the needs of the agency.

Grupo Punto has always been on the cutting edge of new technologies, constantly working with management systems, managing its internal order and work processes. “Technology does not solve the problem, technology is a tool that can be used to solve problems through a change of mindset,” reflects the director. It is possible to observe how an organization like Grupo Punto works with talent and uses the necessary tools to improve.

The flow traceability within the company, within each project, and each team, is essential for any company that is interested in its own growth and effectiveness when providing a professional service.

Internal transparency is a tool that directors and area leaders use when making informed decisions that impact the present and future of their company. Grupo Punto has found in our solution a global, all-in-one answer to difficulties previously addressed by multiple software. This results in a great saving of resources for our clients, in software and maintenance fees, in time for training, and in time of response in customer service.

“At COR we find all the tools already used, in one place.”

We find ourselves in a historical moment, where the over-saturation of data and information match with a great lack of communication, an oxymoron of correspondence. In these conditions, it is even more vital to have efficient, concrete, fast and easy to access communication. Within the agency, they have clarified their internal communication channels, allowing them to stay alert and listen to what is happening in the market, and more importantly, to pay attention to the changing situation of people in this current context. Grupo Punto has stood out in the last year for being one of the few agencies that were able to carry their communication as a conversation with the public, remaining active and relevant during the Covid-19 crisis.

The team has used COR’s internal messaging function, avoiding the saturation of mailboxes and allowing transversal access to decisions within a project. Therefore, communication is simple, fast and does not require alternate channels. Storing all the information within the cloud simplifies the search for files, materials or deliverables that have been used in previous projects or used by people who no longer work in the company.

It is a great relief to be able to use the same chain of communication without depending on anything more than an internet connection. Bruno said it better: “The project manager may supervise, the editor may edit, the operations department may comment and the work remains 100% backed by the cloud.” This is a necessary support for companies with a fast and dynamic attitude such as Grupo Punto.

Another changing aspect in the current market is the work methodology. With a sudden shift towards remote work as a result of the pandemic, more and more companies today use a hybrid way of work. This has been implemented in Grupo Punto. Although the entire team is currently working from home, they have rotated between their homes and the office during most part of the pandemic.

It has been of vital importance to be able to access the software from any space, and that each member of the team can access an ongoing project and not only to the final result. “COR has been an ally in the pandemic when it comes to achieving visibility of processes and remote flows. For a director and a colleague to be able to see the projects that the teams have assigned, it turns the anxiety off at a time when communication must be more fluid when not face-to-face,” recalls Petcho.

At Grupo Punto, they have strived to create a fast culture that gives real and dynamic responses to what is happening in the world, not only in their projects but also within their company and business. It is a time to bet on technology, true communication, and the analysis of processes, in order to rise to the challenge of an extraordinary market, just as Grupo Punto has done.


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