Calculating worked hours, a necessary habit

When focusing on your company’s performance analysis, worked hours are the cornerstone for estimating this aspect.

As we have already seen, hours are a key element both for giving a quote and for calculating your projects’ performance.

It doesn’t matter if in your company you apply the concept of flexible schedules or goals’ fulfillment, nor if you have in-house employees or freelancers.

The cost per worked hours is intrinsic to the benefits your company will obtain when carrying out a project.

Budget distortions are usually the result of not knowing how long you need to fulfill a task, and this might lead to reductions in performance and even to economic losses.

Given the importance of this factor, we herebelow describe some aspects to bear in mind:

Foster the habit of calculating hours

It’s important that all members of your work team develop the habit of registering how long they take to fulfill a task. It’s very difficult to calculate worked hours if the person who does the job doesn’t keep a register of it.

Cost per hour

Being clear about the cost per hour of each member of your team is essential for your company’s performance. With this value you will have specific knowledge on the human resources costs which a project implied.

Estimating time

Estimating the time it takes to fulfill a task will help you to compare the worked time and the expected time. In this way, you can help your employees know their own performance and optimize their methods. We suggest you agree on estimations in advance.

Adopting tools

We already spoke about the use of tools for making the fulfillment of tasks easier within your company. The fact of registering worked hours becomes much easier when you use tools which help their users with the charging of hours.
Knowing how long (hours) it took to fulfill a project will help you improve performance, obtain more clients by offering better deals and make your service stand out among the rest.


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