LAVALENTINA: Redirecting Profitability

Teams using COR

Branding, Photography and Content Development, Administrative Accounting

LAVALENTINA Design is an independent Colombian branding and advertising agency, serving clients in all industries throughout Latin America.

Together with COR, LAVALENTINA Design has been able to understand part of their business and thus, make more strategic and intelligent decisions.

What have they achieved with COR?
“The biggest advantage we see in COR is knowing the profitability of each client and each project”

Valentina Giraldo, CEO & Founder and Mateo Arias, Administrative Director of the agency comment on the difficulty they found in quoting projects without having accurate information on how much the production of those projects cost.

Since its implementation, LAVALENTINA has been able to calculate its costs per project and its profitability, it was able to better distribute the time of its teams, standardize processes and budgets. With these insights they have been able to make strategic and intelligent decisions.

“We calculated how much a project costs, but we didn’t have accurate information on how much it cost to produce that project.”

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