Commercial follow-up: coming closer to your clients

You may systematize each of your company’s processes, have an integrated and efficient team, and carry out an organized management; but, in the end, clients are the most important aspect to your company. Clients are your company’s source of income and, without them, every effort will be in vain. We have already spoken about how […]

Users’ feedback, a priceless resource

When you render services, communication is essential for the bond you create with the client. We have already offered advice for improving communication and hence strengthening the bonds with your clients, placing special emphasis on the importance of these links. The relationship between yourself and the person hiring your services can provide a lot of […]

Practices to be avoided with your clients

We have already gone through the most common mistakes which arise in service companies. We have also dealt with the attitudes to be avoided by a leader regarding her/his work team. Some of these practices can be borne together with the company, such as short-term planning. Others can be the result of its own growth […]

Ways in which service companies can improve their communication with the client

The main priority of companies is always the client (or at least it should be), especially when speaking about companies dedicated to providing services since, once the client chooses their services, their relationship begins. The fact of establishing solid relationships with your clients can be challenging, even more challenging than the fact of getting the […]

How to improve the relationship with your clients?

It would be completely unnecessary to begin this note by explaining the important role of clients. However, it is important to mention that, within the past years, the role of clients has gone through many changes. This is due to the fact that, since the appearance of social networks, all voices were strengthened and this […]

What is a CRM and which are its benefits?

Nowadays the implementation of a CRM is becoming indispensable for companies. However, some people are not familiar with this term yet. Perhaps they know what is it for, but belive that its use is only justified in large companies with bulky budgtes and thousand of customers. But this idea is completly wrong. This is the […]

How to create estimates with just one click?

Unlike companies that sell products, those who offer services have to send personalized estimates for each customer. And usually, it takes some time to prepare them. Seeing this as a problem, we came up with a solution: a module of estimates that allows you to create and send one in less than 2 minutes. How? […]

CRMs: great allies for small professional services firms

CRMs softwares are no longer oriented to large companies. As your company grows, you need to know what your sales team spoke with a client, when and what he answered. For this, the best plan is to use a platform like COR.   Discover why using this platform for SMEs really worth it.   It […]