Commercial follow-up: coming closer to your clients

You may systematize each of your company’s processes, have an integrated and efficient team, and carry out an organized management; but, in the end, clients are the most important aspect to your company.

Clients are your company’s source of income and, without them, every effort will be in vain.

We have already spoken about how to keep a fluent relationship with them and which habits you should avoid.

However, regarding the commercial aspect, there are some points to highlight. The fact of carrying out a commercial follow-up on your clients will help you to organize sales strategies in a better way.

This follow-up begins with the first contact and goes through all steps of the relationship between the company and the customer.

The information you collect will allow you to know habits, tendencies and everything connected to your firm.

Below, we offer some advice related to the commercial follow-up.


Classifying your clients is really useful for managing your company’s commercial department. The fact of giving them tags according to their status within the sale process will ensure efficiency. Prospect, being monitored, active, lost… these are some of the tags you may use for classifying people and companies.


You should keep constant communication, no matter the stage of the process. We have already seen how users’ feedback can provide valuable information for your firm. You should use all means you deem convenient so as to facilitate regular contact with your clients.


Having metrics on your company is a necessary practice. If you wish your company to prosper and grow, you will need reference values so as to know its stage and evolution. Knowing how many interested people became clients, how many services a user requests, in which stage of the sale process you lose more clients… these are data which will help you optimize the processes within your firm.

Gathered data will enable you not only to identify improvement opportunities but also to strengthen your sales.


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