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Make sure to meet deadlines
and stay on budget

Delighting your clients, having control over every aspect and not getting stressed along the process is what our customers most appreciate about COR. Being able to please your clients, have control over every aspect of a project and not getting stressed during the process is what our customers most appreciate about COR

Get the big-picture of the work plan and manage your clients, users and tasks in a simple and organized way. With COR you will no longer forget tasks, miss deadlines, oversee a task status or accidently assign the same job to multiple people


Caso de éxito

Balloon Group, agencia de marketing digital, fue nombrada como la empresa argentina de mayor crecimiento en su industria y COR fue un gran pilar en este camino.

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Send estimates
with validity date

Limit the time it takes to validate estimates by adding an expiration date to them. The platform will automatically send reminders to your clients and discard the budget once the expiration date is due.

Keep communication
with your clients

Through the Client’s Panel, COR allows to keep a smooth communication with your clients.

Record all messages and give your clients access to view tasks status, share files and interact with your team members.

Manage a big task
network easily

Outsourcing tasks and following them through COR is very simple. Supervise and manage your company in an organized and simple way, having updated information in real time.

And remember, tasks can be private, therefore you can disable your external team on knowing the intimacies of your company.

Send estimates,
manage and collect

Estimate a job and generate a network of tasks from it. Manage the project and once finished, quickly collect it from the same app. COR allows you to have a dynamic workflow.


COR is the friendliest Project Management tool not only for its unique features, but also because it is integrated with your current business tools.

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