Hiring staff, putting the accent on the growth of your company


Hiring staff for your company means increasing the resources that will allow you to keep constant growth.

We have already seen that you can choose between freelancers or in-house workers, this is the first stage of the decision-making process.

However, the process for hiring a new member for your team shouldn’t be taken lightly, regardless of the type of work relation you will have with the worker.

It’s important that you analyze several elements which will determine if that person is suitable for joining your staff or not.

An interview is the most important stage, where you can identify all variables which will help you when the time comes to make your choice.

Therefore, we hereby give you some advice to bear in mind when being the employer and having to conduct an interview.


If you wish to carry out a process made up of several interviews, we suggest you delimit the number to the bare minimum. If the process is too long, the candidate might feel frustrated and she/he might not cope with the situation naturally.

Give room to questions

We suggest you do not totally control communication during the interview. You should also give room to questions. The candidate will feel she/he is free to ask and hence you will be able not only to clear doubts but also to assess the interest the candidate has in the position.

Focus on the human element

Nowadays, there are diverse tools for being able to know both the technical profile and the working profile of the candidate to be assessed. Hence we suggest you use the interview to focus on the human element and identify if the person is suitable for your team or not.


Feedback is highly appreciated. This is why it’s very important that you give feedback to the candidate, especially if she/he was not chosen. It will help the candidate to develop more resources, and it will give you more tools for communication.

You may have noticed that this article especially highlights the importance of generating bonds with the candidate and the importance of creating the space needed for achieving a fluent exchange so as to gather all the data you need.


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