How to inspire a new team member?


Incorporating a new member to your work team is always an important event.

Your company begins to grow and the need for incorporating new resources is a constant for strengthening your business.

The days after the incorporation you will be able to notice an improvement in the work environment, being this the result of the “honeymoon” phase.

However, not all the process is simple nor it is developed in a free-flowing way. The fact of assimilating data, as well as assimilating the work system and dynamics tends to be a complicated experience for the new resource, and sometimes even troublesome.

There is a margin of time from the moment in which the person is incorporated into the team until she/he is able to become comfortable and give her/his best.

It is your responsibility to offer all necessary resources so that this transition period is as short as possible.

We here below offer some advice for achieving an ideal and efficient adaptation process.

Mission and vision

It is important that you have documents on the company’s mission and vision, in which you explain the origins of the company (why it was created) and the path to follow. Having references on the company’s goals, values and foundations will help to generate a sense of belonging.

Detailed organigram

Getting to know all the team members is sometimes an intimidating task. The fact of documenting who each person is and which role she/he performs will make this process easier for the new member. You can also include a work and personal profile of each, thereby encouraging socialization and personal interaction.

Classification of projects and information

We have already spoken about the importance of good information management. We have also highlighted the benefits of organizing tasks. These are, precisely, the procedures which will help you to give the new member access only to the data that are of interest to her/his position.

Management system

Having easily-used management tools will help new members to go through a short transition period and start giving their best as soon as possible.


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