Make your agency grow with COR

COR is the all-in-one management solution for creative agencies that automate timesheets, through AI, to predict profitability, reduce work overload and improve client engagements.

Deliver Work Profitably

Are there too many tools to manage your operation?

If you have too many different tools, it’s difficult to make an adequate profitability analysis, least of all having them in real-time.

Your agency’s operation in one tool

Time Tracking

Automates the tracking of your team's time and calculates the hours spent on each type of delivery.

Project Management

Have visibility into the status of each project and make decisions in real-time.

Business Intelligence

Identify customers and projects that contribute or detract from your profitability.

Resource Allocation

Calculate how much talent is needed to complete your next projects.

What does your agency win by using COR?

Agencies around the world are growing with COR

Small & Medium Agencies Plan

COR is with you every step of the way so that the change management process is successful with your teams.

What does it include?

You don’t get a tool, you hire a team. 

Watch this DEMO designed especially for Small & Medium Agencies and learn how you can benefit from COR