Marketing and Advertising, Are They Commodities?

Marketing and Advertising, Are They Commodities?

What are we talking about in this article?

Creativity, wit and the narration of our stories are among the main tools to change the world. Advertising and marketing, with their means of production, have innovated and permanently changed the game. Rebelliousness, problem resolution and art have inspired new generations to raise their voice and let the world listen to them.

The communication paradigm has been restructured. Traditional media is not the only one that regulates the flow of information. Our era zeitgeist could be summarised in that anyone who has a will to communicate has the means to do so. Because of the number of voices, the agencies’ job is even more important: they are the ones who efficiently and creatively develop the message of small and big businesses, thus providing a valuable service.

The Agencies’ Reality: Tight Margins

Because of the ever-tighter margins, the agencies’ creative work has become more demanding and suffers more and more complications when negotiating fees. This problem translates into many deliverables and more working hours in return for less profit around the market.

Marketing and Advertising

This situation needs to be handled with all of the tools agencies have: creativity, innovation, and great ideas. But in order to overcome the problem, it is necessary to turn to those who can create the appropriate tools so that agencies can take care of their value and then, that their job can keep their status as professional service.

Advertising and marketing are not commodities, they are quality services that provide value for each and every one of their clients. But if the issue stays ignored, we are at risk of losing a key voice from our era. It is time to change the game.

It is not necessary to work more, but to work smarter.

Revaluing Creative Work

In order to revalue creative work, we need to take the right steps into a healthier industry. At COR, we are helping agencies to take care of their work in the following ways:

  • Observing the internal processes’ traceability to optimize them.
  • Calculating each task’s duration thanks to artificial intelligence to correctly estimate the value of each project.
  • Taking care of the talent. With the automated time tracking feature, it is possible to see each collaborator’s availability in real-time so that they are not overwhelmed.
  • Visualizing automated reports and historical records to make better financial decisions.
  • Learning about the real cost of each provided service to negotiate better margins.
  • Creating a collaborative and transparent relationship with the client by giving him access through the tool.

The Importance of Traceability

Creative traceability is vital to being able to explain how rates are created and how the client’s vision is made into reality. We believe that the relationship between brands and agencies must be taken care of, and that’s why we defend transparency and clarity in communication.

Opening the kitchen doors so that they can understand the real dimension of the talent’s work

The real value of creative work must be well paid. Increasing the turnover without generating more profit keeps the problem and makes it bigger. The way to achieve this is not losing the creative voice in unsatisfactory campaigns, but adjusting the working hour’s cost to take care of the talent and the agencies’ projects. 

In COR, our mission is to take care of the agencies’ unique voices and the talent’s work. We provide tools and access to necessary data in order to make witty decisions that benefit your business and in turn, your people. We support creativity and talent, so we empower agencies and give them the necessary information in order to revalue the industry of professional services.

Marketing and Advertising