Ogilvy, a Resilient Agency


For Ogilvy’s Nicaragua office, to find a project management software that answered their every need had become a state affair. 

“We couldn’t find a system that invited us to 1) use it, 2) live with it, and 3) enjoy tasks and have better work dynamics among the team. That was until we found COR”, remembers José Tinoco, the agency’s general manager.

Ogilvy is an agency that has grown a lot lately, and thanks to José, it is going through a process restructuring. The agency has an impeccable track record, and works with clients like Claro, Ford, Honda, Western Union and Gillette, just to name a few. 

What have they achieved with COR?

  • The assessment of valuable data for management.
  • The automatization of manual tasks like filling Excel spreadsheets.
  • The solving of processes problems.
  • The analysis of clients’ profitability in order to assess which departments or brands are given more resources or training.
  • To know the net profit of each project.
  • To easily organize schedules based on real time visualization of the tasks and calendars of each employee.

In a world that is transitioning to a hybrid work modality, in between remote and in-house work, it is important to have the agency’s every resource within a clic’s reach.

The Ogilvy offices in Nicaragua have experienced that before the rest of the world faced the pandemic. A few years ago, Nicaragua went through a complicated socio-political atmosphere, and it was so tricky that many of the agency employees had to stay at home. However, their previous systems did not have a decentralized online modality, which impacted the amount of work done.

After they implemented COR, that stopped being a problem, Tinoco remembers: “In the pandemic, we had to set up an online modality. The teams stayed at home from March until September and COR played an important role during that time”. Barely a month passed between the agency asking for our solution, the approval for implementation and for the employees in Ogilvy Nicaragua to have the system for remote work. It was a fast adaptation on both sides.

Remote work can be a big challenge for the leadership, since it implies looking for new ways to communicate and manage. The functionality in the tracking of hours and the transparency in the assignment of tasks and active projects of our system can be a valuable ally to building a new kind of management. In this way, it is easier to reach deadlines and to see which areas or employees need assistance or training.

Ogilvy is a resilient agency, and that can be seen in their actions. Standing before the market current adversities, Ogilvy took the time to find a good complement for their agency, and they are making good use of the technology COR offers in order to keep up with operational excellence in a hard time.

“If it isn’t in COR, then it isn’t done. COR is a friend to me, a friend that brings me peace.” José Tinoco.

Another valuable asset COR offers the agency is the analysis capability: it helps with the generation of reports, spreadsheets and profitability projections in real time. This saves valuable time and human and money resources, since it allows for an objective take on which services are more profitable. Above all, COR enables a real time evaluation on which clients or services are not good for the agency. 

In order to guarantee profitability, it is necessary to learn about projects in-depth, to plan internal processes and to provide clear processes, transparent hours, an accessible accounting record and an easy way to communicate with teams from every corner of the world. The world may change, the markets may become more complex, but a resilient agency like Ogivly knows how to organize and plan their processes and projects using the necessary technology to keep up and even further their growth to stand up in the market. 


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