Project Management & Collaboration

Gain visibility and
information without
pressuring your team

When you assign a task, are you sure it will be delivered on time? How do you know if it will be delayed? Is your team aware of last-minute changes (status, delivery dates, priorities)? Did you know, ordering status reports on tasks is one of the biggest causes of pressure for an employee?

Our software, with Artificial Intelligence, predicts delivery dates and profits, inviting your team to not only deliver projects on time and in form, but also produce profitable projects. Never again lose money with COR.

a great leader

With COR, keep all your team motivated.

Automate task creation and workflows with project templates.

a great leader

With COR, keep all your team motivated.

Save all your project’s messages, files and decisions in the same place.

a great leader

With COR, keep all your team motivated.

Make your lives easier and let COR upload the hours worked by your team
automatically through Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

a great leader

Managing projects—it’s never been easier

Keep everyone up-to-date on their tasks, delivery dates and priorities.

360° Visualization
Take control of your business,
team and projects

Having a clear vision of your team’s activity is not an easy task. COR provides the necessary information to do a detailed follow-up of both the status of each task and the work each member of the team is doing, without having to consult them personally all the time.

Also, smart notifications provide you insight into the development of each project, giving you the tools necessary to deliver on time and with the predicted profits.

Analyze your current work situation simply with the tools COR gives you. Make decisions in real time, prevent money loss and delivery delays. Give your team a powerful, friendly software and completely improve the performance of your company.


People being overworked is one of the biggest problems your team can have. This is caused by the lack of visibility of availability a person has and the tasks they already have assigned.

Because of this, COR provides a friendly and dynamic Gantt chart that shows, on a timeline, the tasks a collaborator must carry out. Plus, you can see each employee’s available
working time, helping the project’s organization as well as your role as a leader.


COR is the friendliest Project Management tool not only for its unique features, but also because it is integrated with your current business tools.

Having real time visibility of our deliverables and increasing work team efficiency can only result in growth for companies like ours

David Read, Director | Co-Founder CPR Interactive