What is Project Management software and what is it useful for?

Project Management Software

Project Management is a discipline based on four pillars: organization, planning, motivation and resource controlling.

Its purpose is to reach a series of goals for achieving the success of one or several projects, and coordinating all available resources for this to be attained.

Which are the benefits of using Project Management software?

As an organization starts working on several projects, coordinating the various tasks involved in each of them turns out to be a big challenge, especially due to the fact that each task entails decisions, files, messages, passwords, etc.

Hence, work gets piled up and it is impossible to meet deadlines.

This falls on the team, which does not have a well-established priority system and ends up doing everything on the last minute.

This is why implementing Project Management tools became vital for organizations.

PM software will enable you to assign specific tasks to the members of your team and carry out an effective monitoring of each without missing any detail.

Besides, it helps to build spaces in which companies can work on their projects in a coordinated way.

How to choose the best software for your company?

When choosing which software you will implement, each company must be clear about the needs to be covered.

But we suggest the following features are not absent:

  • Generation of workflow over approved budgets
  • Management of unique and recurrent projects
  • Tasks’ reminders and updates
  • Assignment of tasks and sub-tasks
  • Users’ permits and value per hour of each
  • View of productive capacity
  • Work progress bar
  • Record of expenditures per project
  • Performance and profitability
  • Timelines and Gantt charts
  • Deadlines and tasks’ priorities
  • Hours charge per user
  • Messages, files, decisions and briefs
  • Your organization’s big picture
  • Estimated hours VS actual hours


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