Project Manager: organizing the team

Project Manager

In previous articles we’ve dealt with the way in which a leader must work and which habits she/he has to adopt in order to carry out her/his role in the correct way.

However today we want to focus on somebody who, during the last years, has won a highly relevant place within companies: the Project Manager.

In short, a Project Manager is the person in charge of getting a project done in due time and manner. This is due to the fact that, although you may have the necessary knowledge and tools, your project won’t reach a good outcome if you don’t have a person capable of coordinating the work and guiding it to fulfilling its goals.

Among the aptitudes and abilities a Project Manager should have, we can find the following:

Leadership skills

It’s extremely important that the Project Manager has the needed ability and tools for achieving good communication among the members of her/his team, and hence reaching each member’s development so as to attain the best version of her/himself.

Ability to delegate

The Project Manager must be able to identify which tasks can be delegated and to whom they can be entrusted, but knowing that what she/he cannot ever delegate is the responsibility over said task.


Sometimes, the Project Manager will have to be able to put her/himself in the shoes of another person and try to understand who’s on the other side and what’s happening to her/him. She/he cannot forget that, some time, she/he was in the same place.


The fact of having suitable tools is important. But it’s even more important to reach an appropriate communication flow.

Cooperation and problems’ resolution

The Project Manager has to be always ready to cooperate with her/his work team. She/he must not restrict her/himself to conduct the team, but she/he must make tasks easier by making up for any lack which may arise during the development of the project and by solving any problem which may appear, therefore allowing the rest of the members of the team to focus on their specific tasks.

The most important aspect is to find a PM who really has the chameleon-like ability for adapting her/himself to what each project she/he must carry out demands.


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