Reinventing motivation, a daily challenge


Motivation within the work environment is an important element when trying to attain a better level of performance and when trying to reduce the rotation of members in your team.

The longer a person is part of your company, the higher her value is. And it’s your responsibility to guarantee the conditions so that this resource develops a sense of belonging.

Motivation, seen as a resource for improving the performance of the members of a team, has been used by big companies for a long time.

However, with the evolution of work dynamics these methods have become out-of-date. This is the reason why in this article we suggest you reinvent this practice.

Therefore we hereby offer some advice to implement in your company.

Pose challenges

Constant stimulation is an element which helps to feel that each day is different from the day before. Monotony at work can be one of the triggers for the employee’s resignation. One of the options your company can adopt is to rotate resources around different areas or projects.

Improve your communication resources

The fact of communicating adequately will not only help you avoid the lowering in the levels of motivation of your employees but it can also even increase motivation. If you are to make criticisms, do not let said criticisms be the center of your speech. You should also point out positive aspects of the work done so as not to generate a negative environment. Your words should inspire; do not reprimand.

Offer extra benefits

We already spoke about the importance of offering trainings for your team. Within this line of action, you can also offer benefits which, although seeming to be small, can make the difference in the company’s daily life. Some ideas that can be useful are the following: home office days, fruits and snacks, games and even a pet, etc.

Promote integration and a sense of belonging

The work team shall not only be united, it should also feel a sense of belonging towards the company. A person will feel much more motivated if she/he sees that the work she/he does has a direct effect over the place where she/he belongs.


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