Remote Work: Management Solutions from Home

We are going through times of great transformation in the way we see work, where our companies have the imperative to generate a change in their management model. The current situation forces us to work remotely, with restrictions on collaboration between teams, clients, meetings, organization, among others.

Today it is necessary to rise to the occasion, and for that, we must implement new ways of working where the limitation of human interaction does not harm the performance of the teams. To achieve this goal, we must redirect our work remotely. Sometimes junctures are an excuse for great changes, and at COR we believe this is one of the cases.

Here we highlight some of the problems that we believe may emerge within this new work process, and how COR provides a quick and efficient solution to them.

How will we organize the work and follow up on the tasks

The Task Management panel in COR perfectly imitates the face-to-face work between your project manager and your team, organizing tasks quickly and easily, allowing them to be tracked and estimating the necessary workflow in each case.

How to have visibility of everyone’s work to better distribute tasks?

Our tool has a Gantt chart where you can obtain visibility over who is part of each task, what time periods are estimated for each project and a general overview of the calendar according to collaborators. The visibility provided by the Gantt Chart can be extensive, its scope also implies visibility over the workload of each member, providing them with key information for the distribution of tasks within their team.

How do we know who and what time is being spent on outstanding deliverables?

We believe that this point is the most complex to address since it requires good practices on the part of the collaborators, for this, COR provides a functionality of estimated time-tracking that works with the projected time in the delivery of products. Through machine learning, COR compares the estimated hours worked against the hours tracked manually, being able to project a delivery date. Thus, we will be able to follow up on the reality in terms of hours spent at work.

How do we keep the customer informed?

The COR Client Access functionality allows the client to be granted permissions on current tasks, to optimize communication. Thus, your client will be able to see what you want within the task without having to have another communication channel open in parallel, since within it they will be able to communicate. 

Without a doubt, remote work is a great solution for companies that seek to remain productive despite the current situation. This implies, in addition to a corporate cultural change, looking for a place in the digital space that simulates the collaborative work of the office, just as COR does. 

Remote work is probably becoming increasingly more institutionalized and this is just  a massive test to start a new paradigm in the way of working around the world.