Systematization of processes, a key tool

Diverse processes which are part of your work routine are carried out daily within your company. From contacting clients, to developing tasks and projects, etc.

These processes always imply improvement opportunities and it is important that you pay attention to them.

Lack of organization and chaos only cause frustration and result in losses of time and money.

Systematization allows you to normalize procedures hence achieving progress in your company’s performance.

Both for yourself and for the work team, the fact of following certain structure when carrying out a task helps to its development and it will allow you to obtain reference models.

Besides, the fact of standardizing processes will allow you to rapidly identify any failure which may arise since you’ll be able to determine those abnormalities which stray from the structure.

Below, we offer a simple guide for evaluating the procedures within you company and hence being able to systematize them.


Logically, the first step is to identify the actions which are carried out within your work environment. You may classify them per area, frequency, complexity. This will give you a general overview and consequently you will be able to determine recurring processes.

Make a breakdown

Once identified, you must examine each process’ step by step taking every detail into account. This will enable you to recognize mistakes and failures within the current procedure.


Once you’ve identified and made a breakdown, the only pending step is to eliminate identified problems and establish a standard process to be followed. The fact of describing each step will help you clear doubts and avoid new mistakes. You should lay down methods, time frames, formats and everything you deem to be necessary so as to leave no room for doubts.

Choose your team

Systematization can be complemented by choosing, from the members of your team, those who are ideal for said task. This will make organization easier and it will strengthen the abilities of the person who is usually in charge of the same process.
Systematization of processes is a very powerful tool when trying to improve your company’s performance. It does not only enable you to increase production, but it also reduces mistakes and helps team-working.


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