Why a task should not be assigned to more than one person?


When we assign the same task to two different people, this creates a lot of confusion, as these end up doing the same thing twice.

So … how can I delegate something on more than one person?

Instead of assigning the same job on two people, we can generate a SUB task and assign it to someone that is not taking care of the first one. For example, if User A is asked to design a banner, and User B has to review it, assign the task “design” to user A and the SUB task “review” to user B.

If the job assigned to user B does not strictly depend on the task of user A, two different tasks can be generated.
For example, if for the banner it is necessary to do design and content (text), and these tasks have to be done by two different people (a designer and an editor), we will assign the task “design” to the user A and the task ” copy / content ” to the User B.

This way we will be able to connect tasks between different users without any problem, and strictly measure the amount of hours that takes each specific task, in order to charge our client.

One of the main reasons that makes COR constantly improve is the fact of being always on the ball to the comments and requests made by our users. It is for them that we started this project, in order to help them simplify and make more effective their work. We hope you find this recommendation useful.

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