The team, the leader’s evolution


In response to the growing levels of competition and due to the need for improving performance, many companies look for leaders who are able to get their work teams to reach their highest potential.

This was already mentioned in previous articles.

However, companies have started to note that only one leader might not be sufficient, since she/he will end up feeling the burden of all responsibilities which her/his position entails.

This is why the leader’s figure has evolved into a united and efficient team, which ensures high performance regarding both itself and the whole organization.

It’s important to point out the differences between a work group and a work team.

The team goes beyond the idea of a group of individuals sharing tasks and responsibilities, since they also develop bonds of trust and each member is a key piece, therefore complementing each other. Members are able to make the most of their potential and have a deep understanding of the needs of the company, both internal and external.

Certainly, within a team you can find a leader’s figure who guides everybody in view of the focal point.

However, the team works as a unit, and this favors effectiveness in tasks and facilitates the work of the person taking decisions on behalf of the company.

The fact of sharing the same goal helps each member to see herself/himself as part of the team, although performing individual tasks.

Being able to set up a team with these characteristics, and making it work, is not easy.

Hence, you should bear in mind certain guidelines when dedicating resources for its creation.

– Bear in mind that a team is not always the answer to the problems your company is facing.
– Analyze which kind of team you are willing to set up (consultancy, commercial, etc.).
– Ask yourself if the team implies higher levels of performance than those which each member could attain individually.
– Demarcate the mission and goal of the team.

It’s essential to ensure the necessary tools and resources for these teams to be created. Communication, planning and a fluent management of information will ease the union among members and will lead to improvement in your company’s performance.

In this article you’ll be able to find some tips for attaining a successful work team.


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