The 5 most frequent mistakes of services companies

Services companies

We know we can learn from mistakes; however, it is vital to know before committing them and drag them in different work processes.
Here, we tell you which are the most frequent errors that your services company may be facing.

Not analyzing the environment

To assert your company in the competitive world, you need to understand how the context surrounding your company is and how it can be affected. Who are your competitors? What is the distinctive factor in your company? Who is your ideal customer? Some of these questions will help to generate a comprehensive view of your business position, and help you understand how to structure your goals.

Short-term planning

Projecting is a key to understand how to carry out the objectives of your business. Do it in the short term can help achieve its goals in a specific time; however, when trying to grow is the main objective, we must consider other factors: how will the business model impact in the future, how investments will be made, or how the team will perform to solve problems. The solution is to plan for the medium and long term.

Having a bad team organization

Staff is critically important to make the company work. Many times, it may happen that the roles are not clear, or either the activities that everyone should do. That is why we recommend specialties for everyone, and to assign tasks to each member in particular, under different projects. The key is to divide the workflow into tasks, counting the time these demands.

Do not carry a calculation on profitability

In day to day, you can be losing track of total investment for each project, of the working hours they entail, and its gain at the end. The consequences can be significant, and perhaps the project requires long work hours, the team is not profitable enough, or simply requires adjusting issues that were not covered so far.

Lack of communication

This factor, on which we emphasized in our previous post, is essential for successful management in any company. All the team must know the status of each project, be aware of any news of the company, and understand what the objectives are and how they are expected to be achieved.


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