Training your staff: an expense or an investment?


There are several things which companies started to implement during the last years so as to improve the quality of work of their employees.

From promoting a friendly work environment, to having the opportunity of working from home (home office), to benefits such as career plans and many others… but there is one which outstands over the rest: professional development and training.

Although it can be considered luxury, the fact of training your staff should never be seen as an expense but as an investment on the intellectual capital of your company.

You can obtain various benefits in return: turning the processes for decision making and problems’ resolution more effective, improving the company’s performance, improving the relationship between the employee and the company as well as the self-esteem of the work team, reducing employees’ rotation and achieving more fluent communication.

Besides, the fact of offering your workers the possibility of extending their knowledge will allow them to grow professionally and, hence, to achieve individual goals. This is something your employees will truly appreciate.

In order to achieve these benefits, trainings must be effective and they must comply with certain conditions, such as the ones we name below:

Designing a training plan

The fact of having a detailed timeline for trainings will help you to organize priorities and to ensure better efficiency in the acquisition of knowledge.

Including individual training and team’s training

The work dynamic is very important. This is why carrying out different kinds of trainings contributes both to personal growth and to the whole company’s growth.

Training of supervisors

Many times we forget that leaders also need to acquire new tools in order to improve the way in which they perform their tasks, therefore you should include them within your training plan.

Being aware of the cost/benefit relation

Although we said that improving your intellectual capital is an investment and not an expense, your corporate finance is also important. And, hence, the efficacy with which you shall invest in this sense is not to be put aside. Choose an intuitive software, with high usability, seek advice of professionals and keep communication with area coordinators.

You must not forget that this is just one of the points which will enable you to improve the performance of your company, therefore you must not put aside the multiple factors that will help you stand out among competitors.


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