Users’ feedback, a priceless resource

When you render services, communication is essential for the bond you create with the client.

We have already offered advice for improving communication and hence strengthening the bonds with your clients, placing special emphasis on the importance of these links.

The relationship between yourself and the person hiring your services can provide a lot of information, not only for the project you are currently developing but also for future projects and for your company as a whole.

Your clients’ feedbacks should be thoroughly analyzed so as to get as much useful information as possible.

This is why we here below include some advice for getting the most of each feedback you receive.

Offer communication channels

It might sound obvious. However, we highlight the value of offering your clients the appropriate channels for them to provide feedback. Once more, we lay stress on the importance of implementing every necessary resource for keeping fluent communication. You could use surveys, contact forms, trained support, etc.


You could divide the opinions per area, client, process, or whatever criterion you find suitable. This will help you identify the frequency with which your clients refer to certain aspects of your company. You can refer the information to the person in charge of the corresponding area for that person to analyze it or you could analyze it yourself by using the same criteria.

Valuation Assessment

It is true that not every review is positive or constructive. This is why we suggest you carry out an objective analysis for obtaining every productive data each review can add.

Conclusions and use

After classifying and screening remarks and suggestions you will only need to draw conclusions and promote the necessary changes according to the analyzed information.

Users do appreciate it when their opinions are taken into account, and the fact of seeing positive changes driven by their feedback will help you achieve a closer relationship.


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