The management software for creative agencies

COR automatizes time tracking with AI to predict projects’ profitability, reduce overwork and achieve deadlines.

COR is the tool that allows you to manage your agency’s operation in a comprehensive manner, helping with issues like automated time tracking and the creation of budgets.

Time Tracking

Automates the tracking of your team's time and calculates the hours spent on each type of delivery.

Project Management

Have visibility into the status of each project and make decisions in real-time.

Business Intelligence

Identify customers and projects that contribute or detract from your profitability.

Resource Allocation

Calculate how much talent is needed to complete your next projects.

How does your agency benefit from COR?

COR: it is more than a project management tool,
it is an ally in your day to day routine.

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There’s an (almost) ideal world for those who work at agencies.

With COR, you help reduce overwork and improve profitability.

Are you ready to learn about the details of your agencys’ operation?

Have full visibility on how time is being invested and the impact of it on your agency’s profitability.