Welcome Michael Farmer!

Michael Farmer

We are very pleased with Michael Farmer’s entry into our Board of Advisors. COR is honored to have someone with Michael’s experience and vision among us.

Just a few months ago he stated that the pandemic was the perfect opportunity to find new ways of working, today we are proud to have him join our team in his new role as a consultant.

Farmer has a great dedication to consulting, he has developed in this role for some of the big holding companies, such as Omnicom and WPP. Since 1990 he has been the President of Farmer & Company LLC, where he has been working as a consultant for advertising agencies, specializing in profitability and workload. At the same time, from 2017 he served as Executive Director, in the consulting firm Trinity P3 USA Marketing Management. He also held the role of Strategic Consultant at Boston Consulting Group in the 70s, getting involved with the Latin market in Rio de Janeiro.

Michael Farmer is a man of many talents. In 2015 he presented his best-selling book, Madison Av. Manslaughter, which remains #265 in the Media and Communications category on Amazon.com. In it, he exposes the issues of the advertising industry and clearly calls on today’s Mad Men to address what is holding back the industry’s development. For the last 5 years he has been a columnist for MediaVillage.com where he exposes his expertise on the world of advertising agencies, work volumes, remuneration and added value.

Have you heard of Bain & Company? Well Michael knows it intimately, it’s where he developed as a Director for 11 years. In that time he headed the Berlin, London, and Paris offices, which he founded.

We add another interest from the advertising industry, for the last 5 years he has been a postgraduate professor on Branding and Integrated Communications at the City University of New York City College.

Advertiser, author, professor, columnist, investor and even lieutenant in the navy during the 60s. Michael Farmer has been a very influential person in the global advertising industry. That’s why we are excited that he has chosen us to work side by side on a mission that unites us: to bring new value to the advertising industry.

Welcome Michael!


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