YOUPANQUI: Restructuring in a New World


For Youpanqui, the use of data in real time has been crucial. “Data is the new oil, so to speak. Our projects’ historical data is important, and that’s where COR is supporting us”, says Juan Porras, the agency’s current Innovation and Development Director. 

In a changing world, it is important to know the company’s blind spots, its outstanding services and successful projects. 

Is it possible to expand and grow if you do not know how much work has been done, the talent’s quality reach or the real price of the service provided?

In the face of these new requirements, it is mandatory to have an integral and complete solution, just like COR has been for the agency.

Youpanqui is a Perú-based agency that experienced massive growth these last few years. Its beginning was marked by a “boutique” style, but today, they have established themselves with a strong and complete offer of integral services.

Since they incorporated COR as their project, resources and finances management solution, they managed to pin down the essential projects needed for a big growth and to broaden their knowledge on what actually works inside the agency in order to perform in the best possible way.

The creation of ideas and the search for results are what stand out in Youpanqui. They have a strong focus in research, data and analytical thinking. Here in COR, we support and celebrate their innovation creative style with all the tools our solution offers.

What have they achieved with COR?

  • Simplifying their expansion process.
  • Taking business decisions with precise data in mind.
  • Gathering necessary information for the finance and management areas.
  • Being more agile in the market.
  • Modifying their charging methods to make it tighter.
  • Making reports in a quick, simple and organized way.

Juan Porras, the Innovation and Development director, and Mónica Roggero, the Brand director, say that another key point for Youpanqui has been the access to historical data, since it allows for the revision of previous accounts and projects. This, in turn, brings knowledge that enables the renegotiation of fees, the reconsideration of given services and the optimization of profitability in the current market. All of the mentioned benefits are key to negotiating fees and giving feedback and more value to the client in order to account for the quality of the job.

On the other hand, they see the visibility they acquired with COR as an advantage for efficient resource management. “Before, it was more difficult to ask for another person for my team, but now, there is a way to support this claim”.

“The democratization of the information helps the decision-making process to be more objective and fast”. 

In the face of a very competitive market, it is necessary to reinforce your business’ own strengths. This is where COR steps in, since it helps with the visualization of internal traceability and it enables the studying of areas where an adjustment is needed, which leads to a better way of defining the price of the offered service. By doing this, Youpanqui grew and transformed digitally, and therefore, they consolidated themselves and rose above their competitors, earning an advantage in the market. 


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