Automatic Estimation

and Time Tracking

Improve accuracy of hours tracked and use the information to your advantage.

Why choose COR?

Automate your team’s time tracking.

Estimate the hours spent on each type of task.

Assertively project the time it will take for each deliverable.


Did you know that performing administrative tasks manually accounts for 30% of your team’s billable hours? To solve this, COR accounts for the interaction of each user with the platform, delivering a suggestion of hours spent on each task, so the team will stop wasting time trying to calculate the hours worked, in order to devote more time.

With just one click you can upload the hours suggested by COR by detecting the usage patterns. But that’s not all, driven by its Artificial Intelligence, COR estimates the amount of hours it will take to complete a task vs. the time it is actually being used. This information is what will later facilitate having an accurate budget in terms of the real value of the work, avoiding losses due to miscalculated budgets.