The state of marketing and advertising agencies

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Do you know exactly the hours you or your team have invested in each project?

Do you know exactly how many billable and non-billable hours you have?

 In your agency, is there accurate control over time deviations that may exist with a client and their budget?

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Some of the most important insights from the report:

35% admit to not having detailed tracking of hours invested in each project.

42% of agencies are unaware of the billable and non-billable hours their team has available.

1 in 2 agencies does not adequately track their deviations.

About COR Report


This global report aims to provide a clear view of how agencies are overcoming the new demands and challenges brought by the current global situation. Topics such as operational efficiency, project management, profitability, talent turnover, client relationship, lack of visibility in operations, difficulty in measuring worked and billed hours, and the need to optimize resource allocation are some of the focuses of this research.

Thanks to discussions with agencies of various sizes and locations, we have compiled the most relevant study conducted in the Marketing and Advertising industry. At COR, we understand the challenges and pain points that agencies face today, and that is why we seek to provide solutions to improve the way of working and achieve a more profitable operation.

Next, we will learn about the updated and relevant information on the current state of agencies, which provides us with valuable insights to make more accurate decisions about our work methods.

We hope you find this report useful for the future of your agency.

Santi Bibiloni - CEO COR