Profitability Analysis with artificial intelligence
Profitability Analysis with AI.

Predict Real-Time Project Profitability and Negotiate Better Fees

A Business Intelligence tool that allows you to identify clients and projects that aid or hinder your profitability.

Through our dashboards, get critical information on which are the most profitable customers and projects vs. those with the highest turnover. COR allows you to make data-driven decisions to correct any deviation in your project’s profit.
Profitability Analysis with artificial intelligence
Profitability Analysis with artificial intelligence

With our Business Intelligence services, you can understand what types of projects or clients bring profitability to your business.

Get the big picture of all the services you offer, and discern which ones are being truly profitable from the ones that require adjustments in order to improve revenue.

Thanks to the tracking of budgeted and billable hours, estimated worked hours and hours invested, you can make project profitability analysis in real time and make decisions that favor your overall business’s profitability.

Stop bidding for services that generate losses.

You only need to input the budget offered by the contract into our project template function, with just a click you will be able to access the complete project profitability and understand if the deal is worth it for your business.

Avoiding competing for campaigns that do not align with the true value of your team’s time.

Profitability Analysis with artificial intelligence

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