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The Management Solution for Consulting Firms

COR is the software for consulting teams that automates hour logging to help managers increase client profitability and work process efficiency.

consulting firms

Recognized by thousands of Professional and Creative teams

Centralize your entire operation

Gain visibility over your operation, efficiently manage your teams, increase your billable hours, and improve your profitability margins.

Access to Business Reviews

Business Review

Through quarterly business reviews, you can gain insights into your operation and action plans to increase your profitability.

The ally for managing your projects

Precise time tracking.

“66% of agencies don’t accurately know their invested time.”*

Automate time tracking and start accurately predicting delivery times. Identify hours spent on internal and external rework.

Source: COR Report 2022

The team behind COR


Kevin O'Connor

Founder DoubleClick
(acq. by Google for $3B+)


Doug Smith

Co-Founder Anaplan


Kevin Thompson

CTO YouTube
(Nasdaq: GOOGL)


Ed. Castro Wright

Walmart’s former CEO


Marcos Galperin

Founder MercadoLibre
(Nasdaq: MELI)


Tom Chavez

Founder Krux
(acq. by Salesforce for $1B+)


Niels Gron

Founder Aquafold
(acq. by Idera)


Matias Woloski

Founder Auth0
(acq. by OKTA for $6.5B)

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