Project Management with artificial intelligence
Project Management Software with AI.

Manage the Present and the Future in Real-Time

Project Management is COR’s leading feature and the starting point for a full-scale and all-encompasing tool that will help your business every step of the way.

Preview the project management process, the team in charge, the status, its frequency, and the budget assigned for each one.

Our project management tool calculates the profitability and updates it automatically. Allowing you to detect any deviation that could affect the profitability of each project.

Project Management with artificial intelligence
Project Management with artificial intelligence
COR centralizes the crucial aspects of any project management methodology: information, communication, and file-sharing.

Help team members and collaborators get anything they need, at a one-stop guarantee. It organizes the work in a customized way and presents it in an intuitive and adjustable dashboard.

Supports and complements project management skills: Assign responsibilities, set deadlines, order by priority, attach files, messages, mark the state in which each of your tasks is and allows the active collaboration of your client.

Automates task creation through project templates.

With our customizable project template feature, it is possible to create a complete project with a single click: The pertinent tasks, their team allocation, an estimated budget, task dependencies, and the overall duration of it.

Each feature in COR is carefully crafted in order to support businesses to achieve standardization in their operation, a streamlined project management methodology, and to recover billable hours wasted on manual tasks that can easily be automated by the tool’s AI.

Project Management with artificial intelligence

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