Project Management

Make every project a success.

Why choose COR?

Automate the creation of tasks and projects saving operational time.

Centralize information and communication for more orderly and efficient work.

Have real-time visibility of the status of each project and make important decisions on time.


We know that organization at work is essential, that’s why in COR we have developed a whole panel of TASKS, where you can assign responsibilities, set deadlines, order of priority, upload files and messages and mark the status of each of your tasks. In addition, in the MY TASKS section you can organize your week as you like with our drag & drop function. COR, in an intuitive way, will take to this panel those tasks that are about to expire so that you don’t lose sight of them.

In our PROJECTS section you will find a simple way to preview the progress of the projects, the team in charge, the status, the frequency, the budget assigned for each one and the profitability calculated based on a projected profitability and current profitability. In a single view, COR offers you the understanding of the health of your projects with a friendly happy, null or sad face; this will be the product of the estimate on the on-time delivery of your project and its profitability projection.

And to speed up this work, you can take advantage of PROJECT TEMPLATES where it is possible to automate the creation of projects and tasks quickly and easily. For those who have recurrent projects, in COR we develop the function of RECURRENT PROJECTS, where you can leave the creation of a project with its respective tasks automated, delimiting the time period between each one. In addition, you can give your clients selected access with the CLIENT ACCESS function, so that your team does not lose time in external communication.