Give your team the strength it deserves.

Why choose COR?

Keep your team happy by avoiding work overload.

Have real-time visibility of the availability of each team member on how to make the most of your resources.

Avoid staff turnover due to work overload.


In COR we know that one of the biggest problems, and big losses, comes from the rotation of personnel; being this one the cause of 20% of the loss of profits of the business. That is why we developed the GANTT CHART function where you can have visibility over your entire team in real time, in a single view/screen.

Using our filters, you can make a selection of what kind of information you want to see, or who you want to see. Here, you will be able to see the available time capacity of your collaborators, assign tasks and concatenate them to achieve a more orderly and healthy work.

To be even more precise, we also created a GANTT for each of your projects, where you will have a detail of each task within your project, its states, its members and dates so that you can order them with greater visibility. In addition, in any collaborative section of the tool, with just a click you can see the status of each of the collaborators marked by the color that surrounds them, making known the remaining availability for task assignment.

And for those who have offices around the globe, they can take advantage of our Multi-Account feature, facilitating the distribution of work and the mixing of inter-agency collaborators. One of the main advantages of this is that the availability of each member of the agency will be the total availability of the same inter-agency.