Resource Management with artificial intelligence

Effective  Resource Management with AI

Abandon Intuition and Delegate with Precision.

Real-time visibility of availability per team and per member

With COR´s business resource management features, you can automatically know the availability of your teams and their members via a dynamic Gantt Chart, where it is possible to assign or reassign tasks and move deadlines.

Distribute the work more efficiently and accurately depending on the available capacity per team with our all-in-one resource management platform.

Resource Management with artificial intelligence
Resource Management with artificial intelligence

More than a resource management software.

COR estimates how many work hours are needed to accomplish your next projects, letting you know if you need to incorporate or reassign talent to pursue new ventures. With efficient resource management, you can make business and recruitment decisions about your organization’s productive capacity: grow and scale with certainty. Meet every project’s due date, schedule competitively, and budget accurately thanks to the real-time visibility of your teams’ available work capacity.

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Resource management is the process of scheduling, pre-planning, and allocating your resources to maximize efficiency within the scope of a limited budget.

Resources can be anything needed in order to carry out a task or project, they can include and are not limited to: the skillsets employees need to perform their tasks, time, money, the software they require to carry out deliverables, office supplies, or the necessary training an area request in order to maintain competitiveness. 

There can be multiple types of resource management, depending on the type of industry the business performs in. These needs can range from a business diner budget to incorporating new software or outsourcing a specific task in order to meet a deadline.

Resource management when done right accomplishes more with less. Waste is not conducive to a profitable business. Resource management is centered around optimization and efficiency. The pillars for employing effective resource management are information and planning. 

For example, a PM could see a pattern in which certain tasks that go into a specific service are outsourced due to a lack of technical knowledge in the in-house team. With this information said PM could talk with the team, its leader, and supervisors to request a training program for some of its members, thus investing resources that will lower future budgets for that type of service. This is not only smart budget-wise but also increases retention and could be a way of developing career opportunities in the company. With only a few steps you could increase profitability at a project level and talent retention. 

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