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Everything you need to gain visibility of your operation

41.70 USD/month

per user

You are saving 15% with annual payments.


Become a profitable machine with a single source of truth

54.40 USD/month

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You are saving 15% with annual payments.

Includes Essential Pro:

Pro Plus
Clients, Projects and Tasks Management Dashboard
Tasks & Sub Tasks Assignment
Messages, Files, and Milestones
Deadlines, Priorities & Status
Organization's Big Picture
Project's Performance
Task's Due
Change log notifications
Project Templates
Private Tasks and Projects
Unique and Recurrent Projects Management
Automated workflow from approved estimates
Estimated time for task accomplishment
Passwords Locker
Gantt Charts
Pro Plus
Time Tracking
User's Hour Rate
Project's Budget
Project's Cost in Hours
Project's Expenses
Performance and Profitability
Collaboration through Messages, Files, and Decisions
Pro Plus
Client, Project and Team Members profitability
Sales & Financials growth
Sales Representative's Performance
Client Conversion Rate
Polls and Statistics for Rejected Budgets
Hours Sold vs. Productive Capacity
Estimated Hours vs. Worked Hours
Average Development Time & Profitability by Project Type
Time between Sent Quote, Approval and Payments
Pro Plus
24/7 Support
Posts & eBooks
Practice Specialist
Pro Plus
User Permissions
Custom Branding
Custom Fields

Business Review

We boost your profitability and help you make
business decisions through our quarterly business reviews where you can see insights from you operation and establish action plans to transform it.

Our clients achieved with COR

Increase your turnover and profitability

36% turnover
25% profitability

Establecimiento de planes de acción para:

increase billable hours to 82%
decrease rework to the point of reaching the 15%
decreaser the rotation until reaching the 20%


Frequently Asked Questions

COR is a Management Software with Artificial Intelligence, which allows the calculation and estimation of the profitability of the projects. The tool allows managing finances, resources and projects in one place, all in real time.

companies that deliver projects to their clients and whose value per hour of work is the main asset. The types of businesses that benefit most from COR are marketing and advertising agencies, consultants, production companies, software developers, design and architecture firms, and law and accounting firms.

It is beneficial to involve all areas of the company in the platform for a more centralized and complete service, promoting better metrics and a global understanding of the business.

There are many management tools on the market, however, none offers the necessary data to allow you to calculate and estimate the profitability of your services or projects in real time. All this information comes from a load and estimation of hours performed automatically by our Machine Learning.

With all this information available, you will be able to solve many of the main problems that impact the business and its profitability, such as the overload of work of your teams that can result in staff turnover.

COR offers a variety of metrics aimed at improving the management and performance of your company. Our profitability metrics are focused on:

  • Measuring the productive capacity of your business.
  • The overall financial health of your company on a single screen.
  • Discern between projects and customers that bring profitability to your business.
  • Improve the distribution of the workload of your teams.


In addition, we have a Business Intelligence platform that will help you obtain an unlimited amount of customized metrics to get a greater and more specific visibility on the performance of your business.