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COR is Officially a Great Place to Work

COR was certified by the Great Place to Work® team, the global authority on organizational culture, and is listed in the top 20 of The Best Places to Work™ in Argentina 2022.

Buenos Aires, March 10, 2022 – Great Place to Work®, the global authority on organizational culture, ranks COR, the leading profitability and project management software for professional businesses, as one of the top 20 Best Places to Work™ in Argentina in the current year.

COR ranked 17th in The Best Places to Work™ list, it has managed to stick to its mission of providing comprehensive support for agencies, enabling them to achieve better profitability and business health, ever since its beginning in Silicon Valley circa 2017.

This support has never been more necessary than it was in the early 2020s when the Covid-19 pandemic demanded a swift shift into a new working methodology. Such a paradigm change was a challenge for teams with no remote work experience. COR, due to its powerful AI, enabled numerous companies to run their operations effectively and efficiently. COR recognizes the critical importance of talent’s health regarding its company’s success: One of the software’s pillars revolves around employee care and collaboration. 

COR has not only provided great support to its customers and partners but has maintained this within its own management, nurturing its talent and adding more and more employees, tripling its headcount by 2021. This demonstrates its inclusive culture and the trust the employees place in COR. 

Great Place To Work selects the companies in its ranking according to a unique methodology, proven over twenty consecutive years, in more than 97 countries. Its consistency and credibility have been confirmed year after year by more than 10,000 participating organizations and more than 10 million people who have answered its surveys. The current iteration has been created with the opinion of 112,176 employees from 160 companies, of which only 65 make up the current list. GPTW analyzed the unique experiences of employees, depending on the size of the organization in which they work, and compared it to their industry.

COR employees answered the 60 questions that make up the administrated survey, demonstrating that the company creates an excellent working environment and space, being inclusive of everyone. The evaluation is based on the employees’ experience, their trust in the company, and the career opportunities it presents within the organization, regardless of their position or role. In addition, the talent’s day-to-day experiences are considered in terms of the company’s values, the company’s openness to new ideas, the effectiveness of its leaders, and its sustainability of growth.

94% of COR employees said it is a great place to work, 8% above the industry average. Its entire talent pool has confirmed that they receive excellent treatment, regardless of their position or role in the organization, respecting their contributions and ensuring that each employee has the confidence and self-assurance to present themselves just the way they are in their workspace. In addition, the vast majority of COR employees report that if they have a personal matter, they have the chance of taking time off if needed. 

Almost 20% of COR employees have seniority of up to 5 years, taking into account that the company started its operations in 2017, we can say that the company has a great labor adherence. This piece of data is a remarkable indicator of a healthy business. The remaining 80% have been working for less than two years, which coincides with COR’s growth towards the present day. 

93% consider that their bosses and leaders are honest and conduct the company in an ethical manner, added to the fact that 92% are proud to say that they work at COR, we can say that the business is in good hands, doing an important job that adds value to their country and its collaborators. This is vital, as COR is on a full expansion course, hiring talent in Argentina, USA, Australia, Germany, and Italy. Furthermore, they and incorporating more and more businesses into their portfolio of satisfied customers. COR not only generates jobs in our country but has also taken the reins to get more and more organizations to apply the necessary business intelligence to make their companies a better place to work.

About COR

COR is an initiative of Santi Bibiloni (CEO and co-founder), who, after creating the marketing agency Balloon Group, saw the problems that professional services providers experienced with billable hours. In 2017, together with Jose Gettas (COO and co-founder) and Gabriel Marin (CTO) they, decided from Silicon Valley, USA, to create a new solution. COR now has renowned investors such as Marcos Galperin (Mercado Libre), Kevin O’Connor (Founder of DoubleClick), and Doug Smith (founder of Anaplan, NYSE: PLAN).









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