Let’s replay our 2021 together!

What are we talking about in this article?

Highlights of our year:

2021 was a year of significant growth and challenges for COR. Between 2020 and this year, we were put to the test in various aspects, specifically remaining united as a team and working together towards the same objective. 

In the following article, we want to share some of our most important milestones of the year which drive us to continue in our mission because we know the impact it has on the thousands of creatives and professionals in their daily work.

Investment funds that trusted us

In the middle of the year, COR secured an investment of more than $ 6 million from top tier-one investors including six Silicon Valley-based unicorn founders. This new financial round was joined by ScOp Ventures (DoubleClick, Procore, ICC), Global Founders Capital (Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn) and State48. See here the complete list of renowned entrepreneurs and executives that are part of COR today.

Likewise, we have had the honour of adding specific consultants from the Marketing and Advertising industry such as David Sable, Michael Farmer and Harvey Kent, who worked as a Global CEO at Young & Rubicam, as a director at Bain & Company and as an advisor at Mediaocean. respectively.

New customers and global expansion

More and more agencies trust our product to boost their operations and make them more profitable, and our product is currently being used in 30 different countries.

These are some of the agencies that have recently incorporated COR:

  • Ai Fluence, Kenya.
  • Ai Sensum, Indonesia.
  • Digichefs, India.
  • GWC World, Italy.
  • Matter Agency, Australia.
  • Notch Communications, Sweden.
  • Oslo Reklamebyra, Norway.
  • Smarktic, Morocco.
  • Spearhead Agency, Lebanon.
  • The Gaming Company, Malaysia.


The first edition of the COR Awards took place in December 2021. The event celebrated the achievements of the individuals and creative teams that have “made COR an ally” in the last 12 months. The virtual event was co-sponsored by our own CEO. , Santi Bibiloni, and creative industry figure David Sable, Former Global CEO at VMLY & R’S. The event opened with a webinar titled “The Business of Hours When Time Is Relative”, in which the two leaders discussed the current challenges facing the creative industry. If you want to know more about what we discussed, click here

The categories rewarded the agencies with the best operational excellence, the most profitable projects and the best use of our tool.

The awards end a successful year for COR, in which our brand has expanded into several new markets and tripled in size since January 2021.

See here the winners of this first edition.

Product updates and G2:

We are constantly seeking to improve the functionalities of our product; not only those for project management but also functions that apply to achieve more efficient time management. In addition, we add more metrics to our profitability dashboards to obtain increasingly complex real-time reports.

Among the updates within the product, we can highlight the integration of Microsoft Teams where our users can have visibility of their workflow without leaving Teams. Using this integration you can create tasks and projects and add hours by automatically assigning them to your Teams projects.

In addition, we added a Jira integration with the objective that the teams can operate without duplicating processes. You will be able to measure the profitability of clients, projects and tasks, reporting the time spent on each individual one.

G2, the platform for SaaS that allows users to provide real reviews about different software and technologies, has recognized us for our high performance based on our user experience.

Great Place to Work

Our team continues to grow. Today there are more than 100-105 people who make up the COR team. We are very proud of the team that we have acquired that work together towards the same goal on a daily basis and constantly improve our product. 

At COR, team culture is one of our fundamental pillars within the company. A place where creativity, effort and courage to push ourselves to be disruptive is only the beginning of the definition of a team that we have; because we know that only good ideas and great stories can break paradigms, generate emotions and mobilize the masses.

We were recognized by Great Place to Work, a platform that lists the best places to work, as a place where people feel that they can fully exploit their capabilities and develop both professionally and personally in an effective way.



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