New Investor Joins COR to Bet and Support for Our Growth

Paul Rios

What are we talking about in this article?

Today we are proud to announce a new member of our COR Team: Paul Rios joins us as an investor, supporting the growth of our solution.


We are not surprised to learn that Paul’s background is a melting pot of cultures and talents. A native of Queens with Argentinean-Puerto Rican parents, the engineer has been able to take the best of each area in which he has dedicated himself to get the best experiences. And so he got to where he is today.

Paul began his academic career at Columbia University, and followed his path through some of the most prestigious American universities, such as the Georgia Institute of Technology and the renowned MIT.

He has worked in engineering, marketing, product design, business development and sales operations consulting. His tenure with Ford, ZS Associates, Sears, SloanGear and ALPFA Inc. has prepared him to make the leap to his position as Regional Manager and Director of Sales at HubSpot, enabling millions of users to get the software tool that is right for them.

Paul is also an investor in Stage 2 Capital, a limited partner in Castor Ventures, and a member of the Revenue Collective. He has also been a founding partner of AccelHub, a company that bridges the gap between international ventures and their financing.

At COR we toast to our bright future together, doing what we do best: Solving problems while supporting our clients and team. To your health Paul! 



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