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Maximize the profitability of your law firm

COR is the next-generation solution for law firms, intelligently suggesting how to manage your cases, teams, and finances in real-time.

Common challenges

Law firms often face everyday challenges such as:

Inaccurate and inefficient time entries on daily matters.

Overwhelming caseloads, with many clients threatening to switch to competitors.

Billing discrepancies: Clarity on what’s billed and what isn’t.


Lack of integrated visibility and productivity.

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These challenges can lead to billing inaccuracies and client dissatisfaction.

“In the competitive world of law, every billable hour counts. Recording and efficiently managing billable hours is crucial to the success of your law firm.”

COR Solution

Our software simplifies and centralizes your firm’s case management, making it easier than ever.

"Digitization and real-time tracking are key to increasing billable hours."

Billable hours represent the total time dedicated to a specific legal matter. From its onset, diagnosis, planning, application, to its conclusion, these hours are charged to the client based on an agreed hourly rate.

Understanding billable hours is not just about revenue; it’s about several variables influencing the performance and profitability of your firm.

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Las horas facturables representan el tiempo total dedicado a un asunto legal específico. Desde su inicio, diagnóstico, planificación, aplicación, hasta su conclusión, estas horas se cobran al cliente según una tarifa horaria acordada.