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Why choose COR?

Understand which clients are truly profitable.

Get accurate information about your profits and losses in real time.


At COR we know that profitability is not a minor issue, so we make sure that there is accurate and real-time visibility of the entire operation of the company.

In our METRICS section you will be able to obtain information on the most profitable customers vs. those with the highest turnover and a comparative table with each of them, as well as profitability at customer, project and service level. In addition, you will be able to see in a table the financial health of your company, estimating your income minus your total costs taking into account external and internal expenses of your company.

Additionally, we show the profitability of each of your projects with a calculation driven by our Artificial Intelligence, where you can see which projects are being profitable for you based on budgeted hours, estimated hours and hours invested in real time. This will allow you to correct the profitability of your projects before finishing them at a loss.

And as we know that one of the factors that affect profitability is the productive capacity of your company, COR measures the relationship between work volume vs. the productive capacity of your company, allowing you to be aware of which services should be offered and which should not. Gain access to a meta-base of over 45+ metrics about your company and customize them to your needs.