Profitability Analysis with artificial intelligence

Predicts Real-Time Profitability and Negotiate Better Fees.

Identify customers and projects that contribute or detract from your profitability

Through our dashboards, get information on the most profitable customers and projects vs. those with the highest turnover.

COR allows you to make decisions to correct the profitability of your projects before finishing them at a loss.

Understand which services bring profitability to your business

Get a complete picture of all the types of services you offer, so that you can discern which ones are being profitable for you and which ones require adjustments.

Thanks to the analysis of the budgeted hours, estimated hours and hours invested, in real time you can make decisions that favor your profitability.

Avoid bidding for services that can generate losses

By simply entering the budget offered by the contract into our project template function, you will be able to understand whether the contract is worth the money or not.

Avoiding competing for campaigns that do not align with the value of your team’s time.

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