5 tips to create a successful work team

Successful team

Michael Jordan once said: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” He is right indeed.

For a company to be successful, it is essential that its team works to its limit and in the best possible way.

For this reason, below you’ll find five keys for having a successful team.

Good relationships begin with the Project Manager

For a team to reach the needed harmony, it’s important to begin by the relationship of the PM with the rest of the team since she/he is in charge of laying down the model to be followed by others. She/he is the one to make decisions necessary for getting to know each member of the team as individuals, getting to know what they do outside working hours and which things motivate them.

One goal

Every team must be oriented to specific goals according to the company’s needs and organizational culture. For example, you should organize weekly meetings in which teams can express their doubts and comments regarding the work dynamic. Besides, these meetings are good opportunities to remind them about the fundamental goals of the company and to get an update on their projects.

Creativity and innovation

Undeniable features. Effective work teams are those in which there are no limits for creativity and innovation. One way to develop this is by creating effective communication with each member. This will allow ideas to be suggested neither with difficulties nor restrictions.

Training and progress

It’s important to set aside that old concept by which it was thought that progress was up to the employee. It’s vital that progress and professional growth opportunities are offered by the company. You should give your teams constant chances for information, learning and updating. In this way they will always be stimulated by the benefits of their own growth.

Good work environment

The major resignation cause around the world is the lack of a healthy work environment. Hence, it’s extremely important to encourage professional friendship and to stimulate healthy coexistence. Nowadays there even exist services which offer a series of activities especially designed to improve and strengthen bonds among workmates.
Teamwork implies fewer mistakes. When a project is developed by a team, there are higher chances for others to identify mistakes which, if done individually, could have been unnoticed.
Teams are innovative and contribute to development. When you have a functional team, new ideas turn into daily bread, the decision making process is much better and objective, and satisfactions are much more complete and productive.


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