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The Solution for Small Businesses: Explore COR’s Essentials Plan

Efficient project management is essential for small teams looking to improve their organization and increase profitability. With the growing complexity of projects and the need for seamless collaboration between teams, it is crucial to have solutions like Essentials that simplify and streamline the process in these businesses.

Manage your projects easily and quickly

Simplified project management offers an intuitive interface that allows for easy and fast project administration. With a comprehensive view of the progress of each project in real time, teams can make informed decisions and anticipate any challenges that may arise along the way. From initial planning to final delivery, this solution supports every stage of the process, always maintaining control.

Streamline work by doing it and seeing it in one place

With this solution, teams can forget about having to jump between multiple tools and platforms to manage projects. Everything needed is integrated in one place, allowing work to be streamlined and maintaining a clear focus on objectives. There is no longer a need to waste time searching for scattered information or trying to synchronize data between different systems. Everything is centralized to work more efficiently.

Tasks and Collaboration

Effective collaboration is essential for the success of any project. This solution facilitates communication and collaboration between teams by centralizing all information, communication, and files in one place. From task assignment to document review, everything is done transparently and efficiently. Teams can collaborate in real-time, share ideas, and stay updated on project progress seamlessly.

Automation of Time Tracking

One of the standout features of this solution is the automation of time tracking. No longer is it necessary to rely on tedious manual spreadsheets to keep accurate records of time spent on each project. The tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically record the hours dedicated to each task and project. Additionally, it estimates the hours that will be invested in each deliverable type, allowing for more precise planning and resource optimization.

Make the most of your resources: Why choose the Essentials plan

Having a management tool that offers a calendar view is essential. This feature allows for precise planning and clear visualization of project deadlines and dates. Furthermore, it facilitates activity coordination and efficient resource allocation. On the other hand, a tool lacking this function may result in a lack of clarity regarding deadlines and increased difficulty in coordinating tasks, leading to delivery delays and poor time management.

Unlimited storage is another significant advantage offered by an effective management tool. This allows teams to store all necessary documents, files, and resources for their projects without worrying about storage limits. Additionally, it facilitates quick and easy access to relevant information anytime and from anywhere. Conversely, a tool that imposes storage limits can hinder file and document management, as well as collaboration between teams, especially in projects requiring a large number of resources and files.

Time tracking automation is a key feature for improving productivity and accuracy in time management. This function allows users to automatically record the time spent on each task and project, eliminating the need for manual records and reducing the risk of errors. Furthermore, it provides precise and up-to-date data on time spent on each activity, facilitating billing and resource planning. However, a tool that does not offer this automation can result in additional administrative burden and lower accuracy in time tracking, which can affect project efficiency and profitability.

Integrations are a crucial advantage offered by a comprehensive management tool. The ability to integrate the tool with other applications and systems used by the team allows for greater flexibility and efficiency in project management. This facilitates data transfer between different platforms and improves collaboration and communication between teams. Conversely, a tool lacking integrations can result in greater fragmentation of information and lower collaboration efficiency, as teams will have to switch between multiple tools and systems to access relevant information.


COR’s Essentials Plan for Project Management offers a comprehensive solution that combines management, collaboration, and automation at the best price. With an intuitive interface and calendar view, it allows for precise planning and clear visualization of project deadlines and dates. Additionally, the integration of unlimited storage ensures that teams can store all necessary documents and resources without worries. Time tracking automation streamlines the process and ensures accuracy in tracking time spent on each task. Integrations facilitate collaboration and communication between teams by allowing data transfer between different platforms.

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