How to create estimates with just one click?


Unlike companies that sell products, those who offer services have to send personalized estimates for each customer. And usually, it takes some time to prepare them.

Seeing this as a problem, we came up with a solution: a module of estimates that allows you to create and send one in less than 2 minutes. How? Choosing your contact / client > Selecting services / model projects to offer > Sending it.

Today, this module became one of our main pillars. Not only for its practicality, but also because from there you are able to generate workflows.

If you want to know how estimates are created, the workflow and more, access to the Tutorials.

After submitting the budget, each selected service will become a project, which will have a time and a team assigned to it. A notification will be sent so that selected users can start working. This will allow you to work in an organized and fast way, shortening times and increasing the earnings.

Furthermore, all estimates will be saved in the application so you can access them when needed.

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