Encouraging creativity, the engine that moves your company

Without a doubt, creativity is one of the biggest propellants your company can have. Not only for bringing in new concepts or innovations but also for solving problems and conflicts, or for simplifying daily processes.

Different points of view can truly favor your business. We have seen how motivation is one of the basic points for achieving a successful work team, and creativity is precisely linked to it.

A motivated team tends to be very creative and, in return, such creativity fosters motivation as well as it favors the progress of projects and tasks.

The fact of contributing and encouraging this quality is a highly recommended practice. Hence, we here below pass on some advice you could apply in your company.

Increase flexibility within the work environment

Having to work every day in a monotonous place could be really frustrating and even stressful. You should personalize the office, add banners, include recreation areas, offer food and beverage, add boards on which your team can freely write phrases, etc.

Make communication and personal exchange easier

Forget about individual offices or cubicles. You should try to integrate areas and allow your team to have a more fluent personal connection. The simple exchange of a casual chat among the members of your team can result in concepts’ feedback.

Ideas deposit

This practice follows the line of brainstorming, in which a group of people puts in different perspectives and therefore a new concept arises. You should encourage your employees to register every idea they come with. These could be written down in a shared file, a common board or even within certain area in which they could leave small notes fixed to the wall. This register could then be used as reference when a source of inspiration is needed.

Personal projects

The fact of handling only one project or carrying out tasks which are only related to the company can result in your team’s frustration or exhaustion. Working with personal projects is a good option in order to free the mind and not to feel dimmed by routine.


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