Practical Guide: How to boost your profitability and billing indicators?

Trends and Practical Cases of Agencies

Increasing billable hours and identifying time deviations are crucial steps when it comes to improving an agency’s profitability. In this practical guide, we analyze how to improve billable hours and reduce these deviations.


"1 out of 2 agencies is unaware of its productive potential"

At COR, we understand that improving visibility is a complex task. Download our Guide that will serve as a reference for you to improve the total visibility of your operation and thus, reduce time deviations and increase your billable hours.

Case Billable Hours - Agency 1

Find out how a Latin American agency has managed to increase its billable hours from 73.7% to 82%, increasing its revenue by $50,000 per month.

case 1

Case Deviations - Agency 2

Find out how an agency identified 1,500 hours of rework in a single client.

case 2

“Impacting our talent’s available time is crucial to improving an agency’s profitability. The goal is to have more available hours to sell without the need to increase the size of our teams.”

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